The library is the backbone of our college academic environment," The library has been the most integral part of the college from its existence. Utmost importance is accorded to the Library in order to facilitate academic-oriented staff and students to update their knowledge. The library is constantly enriched and new material is added to keep abreast with latest changes and advancements. For the convenience of the readers, photocopying facility has also been provided in library premises. The college library has vast collection of books, periodicals and journals.

The students have the opportunity of upgrading their knowledge on a range of subjects with national and international journals. We also provide Digital Library to students with more than 50 e-journals. Incidentally the Library provides reading facility for both the staff and students. The college library has subscribed many International Journals and many periodicals including magazines, journals and newspapers for students & staff - both academic and general which not only help them with technical assistance but also refresh their mind. The staff and the students can utilize the INTERNET facility for which 10 systems have been separately allotted.