The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) is a Post-Graduate course offered as:
I. Two-year i.e., four semester Full time Day programme


1.1 M.B.A. (Day)
Candidate seeking admission into Full Time M.B.A. (Day) programme must be:
1. Bachelor degree holder of Osmania University or a degree recognized by the university as equivalent thereto and /(or) as per the rules laid down by the University;
2. The candidate seeking admission must qualify in the Entrance Examination, conducted by the appropriate authority in the year of admission as per the norms prescribed by the University.
3. The admission of Non-resident Indians and candidates admitted in lieu of them will be as per the University Rules in force on the date of the admission.
4. Foreign candidates’ admission is based on the Screening Process of the University currently in vogue.

2. Instruction Schedule:

Instruction will be provided as per the workload indicated in the structure, Rules and regulations of M.B.A. Program for all Theory, Practical and Project Work course requirements. The almanac will be as follows for all semesters.

Duration of instruction

: 14 – 16 Weeks /
As per the University Norms
Preparation Holidays
: 7-10 Days

3. Rules of Attendance:

Students must attend 75% of the total classes conducted for all the courses put together in a semester. Relaxation of 10% of attendance might be given to a student on medical grounds on the basis of a valid medical certificate and payment of condonation fee prescribed by the university.

4. Promotion Rules

A student will be promoted subject to the following rules:
4.1 I Semester to II Semester:
A student should put in a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate in all the courses put together of the Term (65% in the case of medical exemption) and should be registered for the University exam for the I semester.
4.2 Choice of Elective:
Student has to opt for one elective - Finance / Marketing / Human Resource / Systems. There are four papers in each elective area two papers in IIIrd Semester and two paper in IV Semester.
For Example: A Student in Finance area should opt for two Finance papers only in IIIrd and two Elective papers in IV semester. Similarly for Marketing, HR and Systems Electives.
4.3 II Semester to III Semester
A student should put in a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate in all the courses put together of the Term (65% in the case of medical exemption) and should have passed at least 50% of Theory courses of I & II Semesters put together. (Viva Voce and Lab courses not considered for this purpose).
4.4 III Semester to IV Semester:
A student should put in a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate in all the courses put together of the Term (65% in the case of medical exemption) and having registered for the University Examination.
Cancellation of Admission
The admission of a candidate admitted to the MBA Course stands cancelled if: He / She does not put in at least 40% of attendance in Semester-I.


He / She puts in at least 40% of attendance in Semester – I, but failed to register for 1st Semester Examinations


He /She fails to fulfill all the requirements for the award of the degree as specified, within 4 academic years from the time of admission in case of full time 2 year MBA program.
Project Work:
The students should undertake the Project internship during the summer vacation (For 6 weeks of duration) intervening between II & III Semesters of MBA Day Programme. Project Report Work should be carried out in the Final Year of MBA Programme i.e., III & IV Semesters for Day Programme.
The students are required to do project work in any area of Management under the active guidance of Internal Faculty Member assigned to the student.
The Project work usually consists of selecting a Topic / Problem / Theme in any area of management, gather relevant data, analyze and interpret the same in a systematic and scientific manner.
The Project Work should be undertaken under the supervision of the Faculty Member assigned for the purpose. The Project Report should be submitted to the University 30 days (one month) before commencement of Final Semester Examinations.

5. Award of Grades For Seminars , Project Report and Viva Voce Examinations :

Seminars : Students are expected to give a presentation on a relevant topic semester. Seminars are evaluated by internal faculty of the college concerned
of any subject of II for 100 marks.
Seminars , Project Report and Viva Voce examination will be evaluated for 100 marks and the same will be converted into equivalent grades as per the University norms.

6. Instructional Work Load For Theory, Practical Courses and ‘Mentoring & Project Work’:

Each of the Theory Courses of the MBA Programme shall have instructional workload of 5 (or) 4 periods of 60 Minutes duration per week in addition to mentoring and project work as specified in the course curriculum . The Instructional workload for each of the Practical and Lab Courses shall be 2 Periods of 60 Minutes duration per week.

7. Evaluation System:

1. All courses of MBA Program will carry a Maximum of 100 Marks each.
2. Duration of the university examination for all the courses is three hours each.
3. All the courses will have 80% marks for university semester end examination and 20% marks for internal examination (CIE).
4. The Guidelines, Rules and Regulations framed by the University in this regard will be applicable to the MBA (Day) Programme.

8. Conduct Of Examinations:

Examination will be conducted based on the existing rules of examination Branch that are applicable to other PG Courses

9. Award Of Degree And Division:

Candidates will be awarded MBA Degree on successful completion of all Theory Courses, Practical Courses, Viva Voce and Project Report. The Division / Class will be awarded as per the University norms.

10. Readmission For Pursuing Additional Elective Courses:

A student can be given readmission for pursuing additional electives after completion of MBA programme subject to payment of requisite fee prescribed by the college / Department. Such candidates have to satisfy all the rules including attendance rule in vogue on par with regular students.
a) The Second Elective must be pursed in the same college in which the student attended and completed M.B.A.
b) The admission must be within four weeks of the commencement of the semester and admission to hostel is not a right.
c) The student must not be employed during the timings in which the elective classes are conducted in the college normally.
d) An amount equivalent 6/13 of the fee charged for the second year may be levied from the students who joined the programme for second set of electives.
e) Any such admission and completion of the course must be within four academic year of the student first joining MBA course.

11. Total number of credits to be completed to be eligible for the award of MBA degree:

Total number of credits at the end of fourth semester (MBA-Day) = 24 + 24 + 24 +25 = 97

12. Awarding Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): as per University norms

13. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS):

As per the University norms student needs to study one subject in the third semester outside the MBA department. This is applicable to only to the Department of Business Management, OU campus and not applicable to all the affiliated colleges including constituent colleges.
General Clause:
It may be noted that beside the above specified rules and regulations all the other rules and regulations in force and applicable to semester system in Post-Graduate courses in Osmania University will be applicable as amended from time to time by the University. The students shall abide by all such Rules and Regulations.